Act with Integrity

Respect for the human rights of all individuals
• Human rights are a core feature of our corporate code of conduct.
• We hold our vendors to the highest possible standard through a systematized process of third-party audits and corrective actions.
• Compromises to our human rights standards are a zero-tolerance violation.

Ethical business and social values and actions
• We believe in enforcing the highest possible ethical standards.
• We personally engage with stakeholders throughout the entire reach of our supply chain to ensure a shared set of values.
• We continuously educate throughout the supply chain to raise ethical and social standards.
• We aspire to encourage, initiate, and monitor positive social initiatives across the full range of our manufacturing, marketing, and sales activities.

Workplace safety
• Workplace safety is a top priority in every facility we operate.
• Our staff personally visit and inspect all manufacturing locations regularly during the course of production.
• We engage pro-actively with manufacturing facilities to address safety issues as soon as they’re identified.

Environmental responsibility
• Britannica is actively involved with continuous-improvement self-assessment programs such as SAC, Higg, and OEKO-TEX.
• We are compliant with the full range of international restricted substance testing standards.
• Company targets include:

• Full OEKO-TEX Standard 100 compliance at all core manufacturers by mid-2020.
• Full OEKO-TEX STeP Made in Green certification for all core manufacturers by end of year 2021.