Put People First

Britannica Home Fashions believes that family values, respect for others, and honorable conduct are at the heart of every successful business.
• We are a traditional family-owned family business in continuous operation since 1974. We emphasize a positive, peer-based, person-to-person business model in which every employee is assigned an equal value.
• Britannica staff operate in an atmosphere of trust and team-based management that extends outward from our core businesses into all the stakeholders in our supply chain.
• In our eyes, every stakeholder in our business is an extended member of the Britannica Home Fashions family.

We operate in an active spirit of diversity, inclusion, and tolerance.
• Britannica believes that every person is inherently endowed with value and entitled to respect, regardless of age, ethnic background, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, and physical abilities.
• Our diversity hiring policies span multiple continents and cultures, operating together in an uncompromised spirit of cooperation.