Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

• Britannica Home Fashions and our partner companies are dedicated to pro-active steps in the direction of sustainable operations in all manufacturing and operations areas.
• We believe that a sound future begins with establishing a strong present.
• We believe that every individual and partner engaged in our collective business enterprise can and should make positive contributions towards a better, cleaner and more sustainable future.

Sustainable practices begin with sound, ethical treatment of the work force and environmentally sound and sustainable manufacturing operations; yet it does not end there.

Commitment to the development of a comprehensive program of sustainable operations also includes the following:
• A proactive plan of continuous improvement in all areas of sustainability.
• Extra steps over and above standard industry requirements taken in regard to same.
• Participation in local, national, and international industry initiatives on sustainable practices.
• Donations at any level to national and/or international organizations that coordinate or support sustainability activities.
• Donations to or development and support of community programs and services related to overall community welfare (schools, civic organizations).
• Hosting and participating in local, national and international community sustainability activities.